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On Tap


May 17-June 1
TR Studio
3027 Barrow Dr
Raleigh, NC 27616


Featuring Dorothy Recasner Brown, Lenore Field, Lormarev Jones, Paul Newell,

Brook North, Thomas Porter, Kevin Varner

         Directed by Susannah Hough

It’s out with the old and in with the new (sort of). Over a quiet dinner for two, Bill and Nancy serenely decide to divorce after 50 years of marriage. While Nancy, at age 80, finally feels liberated and Bill seems unfazed, their adult sons Brian and Ben don’t exactly take it well. As the “kids” descend on the Grand Horizons senior living community to mediate, everything they thought they knew about their parents comes crashing down. Bess Wohl’s Tony-nominated comedy is a hilarious, heartbreaking commentary on marriage, family, and the wisdom that comes with age—or not. Bursting with all the joy and pathos of everyday life, Grand Horizons is theatre at its most enjoyable and familiar.

Grand Horizons was nominated for Best Play at the 2020 Tony Awards. 


Critical acclaim for Grand Horizons:


“…Grand Horizons is a sweet, sweet delight. It’s carefully made, beautifully acted, and extremely funny, while also asking a few tart questions about comedy itself.” -- New York Magazine


“… a clever truth bomb of a play… a terrific comedy…I swooned for Grand Horizons, which for all its plot about a marriage’s unforeseen implosion has another matter urgently on its mind…Wohl’s play is a powerful argument for the full humanity of women in our culture - a matter that’s not as settled as we might like to think.” -- The New York Times

"if it's the hard stuff you're after, honest pint has Plenty to pour."

-Indy week

"Honest Pint Theatre’s SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS is meditative, cathartic, and flawless."

Beltline to Broadway

"TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS packs a powerful tsunami of emotional issues into 90 minutes...The ensemble work of this group was as riveting as the stories they told."

beltline to

"Like the relentless rain that falls throughout, this production (A STEADY RAIN) continues to build. However, it is the direction and brilliant acting performances that make this difficult subject matter a deluge of emotion worth experiencing."

beltline to 

"The power and grace seen in this production (ANNAPURNA) makes it easily among the best plays we've ever seen... This is acting at its finest."
Triangle Arts & Entertainment


"The shear magnitude of talent on this stage was evident as the climax to this show came crashing down...

(THE HERD) was one of those performances that was greater than the sum of its parts, and we left the theater in awe of those who have worked tirelessly to make it so. This is what theatre is all about, and you owe it to yourself

to see this show!"



“I saw this tonight and I laughed so hard I cried so many times! My husband wants to go back tomorrow night! Best night out in a LONG TIME! you have to go!!!"

Audience Interviews,

the legend of

"A wonderful, emotional journey, perfectly executed
in every aspect.”

Audience Interviews,


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Who We Are

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