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Our success over the last nine years is something we are proud of, but we didn’t do it alone. We are grateful to those who support us every day, and that includes our directors, actors, designers, venue hosts, audiences, and anyone who reads and shares one of our Facebook statuses. Our Patrons (who we call our “Pintrons”) sustain us month-to-month through their pledges. This enables us to budget effectively and to know how much money we will have in the coming year to spend on producing. All of our funding currently comes from private donations from individuals through Patreon or one-time gifts, not from government grants. Someday we hope to access grant money from funding organizations like the City of Raleigh and the state of North Carolina. This is something we are currently working on but may take a few years to achieve.

In the meantime, we still need to rely on the kindness and support of our fans and audiences. A donation of any amount would help us reach goals such as:

Touring our shows across North Carolina. Culturally underserved areas in our region need to see and hear some of the stories that we tell. We would love to be able to share them with people in eastern and western NC.

Paying the best actors, directors, and designers a fair wage for work on our shows. This allows us to use local artists and create a community that acknowledges the monetary value of those artists' work.

Renting venues in which to produce our shows and projects. Commercial space in the Triangle area is at a premium and rents are costly. The smallest theatre companies in the area actually pay the most for space. 

Subsidizing ticket costs for students and young adults who otherwise would not be able to afford a ticket a live Honest Pint show.

Extending the run of our shows if successful, providing more theatregoers with the opportunity to see our work.

Hiring staff to help with marketing and the other logistics of running a successful theatre company.

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“The power and grace seen in this

production makes it easily among the best plays that we have ever seen…

This is acting at its finest.”

Triangle Arts & Entertainment

Honest Pint produces small, intimate, human stories. We make a different kind of theatre that we have a thirst for and that we believe others do, too. People see themselves reflected in our shows and are changed by witnessing them​.

“Honest Pint Theatre Company and Sweet Tea Shakespeare Brew Up a Delightful King Lear”

Triangle Arts & Entertainment



So...what if the model of support could change? What if you could support the arts all year long and do it at the level that fits your budget, and in a way that was seamless and easy for you? 

  • Many of us have Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services that we pay for on a monthly basis. Netflix is roughly $9.00 a month or $96 a year.

  • What if you could donate monthly to a theatre company and get LIVE theatre and other experiences as a result!

  • Just imagine for the low cost of $10.00 a month, Honest Pint would get $120 a year. That $120 would cover the cost of one evening’s rights for a production.


For the same cost as one or two visits to Starbucks or one movie theater ticket per month, you can help sustain our company. 

click the logo below to learn how!

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Or, click here to make a one-time donation: 


Jeremy Fiebig directs a superb cast, and there is an intense chemistry among them.
Simon Kaplan’s Lear is, indeed “every inch a king.”

Triangle Arts & Entertainment


Interested in a hard copy of our Sponsorship Packet?

Simply click the logo on the right, and download away!

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