Honest Pint will attend the auditions for Theatrefest at NC State on March 5, 202​​2

Now casting for the Untitled Kafka Project

Honest Pint Theatre Co. is excited to present the first “workshop offering” of this new work-in-progress. Guests of TheatreFest will get a glimpse of how a new musical work is developed, and will be among the first to preview snippets of the show, all leading up to a full production in 2023.

Honest Pint will attend the Theaterfest Assassins auditions in hopes of finding the cast for the workshop!

Audition information:

March 5  in the Titmus Theatre from 10-2pm and 3-5pm

By appointment only (click the link to register) 

Please prepare: 

  • A one-minute monologue

  • 18-bars of self-selected music  (Actor must bring paper copy of the music, in the correct key, for the accompanist )

More information on the Untitled Kafka Project can be found below.


Honest Pint Theatre Co. has commissioned playwright and North Carolina Piedmont Laureate Tamara Kissane to write a new musical play based on the legend of Franz Kafka and the Doll:


One day at 40, the novelist Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who never married and had no children, walked through the park in Berlin when he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favorite doll. She and Kafka searched for the doll unsuccessfully.


The story describes how Kafka consoled the girl by bringing her letters, supposedly written by the doll, recounting her exciting adventures around the world. Eventually, the story goes, Kafka brought her a different doll, passing it off as the original one. Years later the girl, now a woman, finds a note hidden inside the doll given to her by Kafka. It reads:

“Everything you love will probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way.”


There are many versions of the story of Franz Kafka and the Doll - all of them beautiful, simple and touching. People are invariably moved when they hear how the inconsolable girl was helped by Kafka, how they hunted together for her lost doll, and his subsequent stories and letters to her "from the doll" on her travels and how they brought comfort. When a new doll was produced, obviously looking very different, his explanation was profound saying indeed she was altered and that her travels had changed her. 


Much like the past few years have profoundly altered and changed us…


Kissane, with composer and lyricist Matthew Hager, has written this new offering of musical theatre based on the Kafka/Doll story that will incorporate a diverse cast of talented actors and musicians.