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Falling Fast

Welcome back old friend, November

Where have you been now for so long

I′ve got so many things to tell you

So much happens while your gone

Acoustic Syndicate



How are you?

It has been a couple of months since we checked in and as the season makes its change we wanted to let you know all the great things that are happening (and have happened)!

The dog days of summer were just that! Dog days! Lots of plotting and planning and getting our ducks in a row for what will be an exciting 10th anniversary season!

That's right, you read that correctly!

Honest Pint is TEN YEARS OLD!!!

We are so grateful to celebrate this milestone and it is thanks to you our, generous and kind patrons, that we are able to do what we do!

This month, we want to share with you what to expect this season and let you know how YOU can help Honest Pint continue to be a voice in our vibrant theatre scene for the NEXT 10 years!


Giving Tuesday is November 29th

GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity. GivingTuesday was created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Since then, it has grown into a year-round global movement that inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.

This year, Honest Pint is asking for your consideration on GivingTuesday!

You have heard us say before that ticket sales cover less than 40% of program and production costs at Honest Pint Theatre Company.

By donating this GivingTuesday YOU can help us bridge the gap and continue creating the extraordinary theatre you have come to love.

As we head into a new and exciting season, we recognize that the Triangle community is truly special, and we thank you all for helping us blossom into the organization we have become.

Your contribution to Honest Pint Theatre Company allows us to produce unforgettable theatrical experiences and create jobs for local actors & designers (who build beautiful sets, costumes, and props).

This GivingTuesday, we are setting an ambitious goal of $5,000! This money will go directly to paying the artists that will bring you our exciting 10th season! (More on that in a moment)!

Please donate to us via PayPal by clicking the button below.


Slow and Steady...wins the race!

Ten years ago, Honest Pint emerged on the scene with a small two hander written by Keith Huff. This production was critically acclaimed and served as the launching pad for the Honest Pint you know and love today! In celebration of our tenth anniversary, we are excited to announce that we will be producing A STEADY RAIN in January of 2023 at The Studio Theatre at Theatre Raleigh. Susannah Hough will direct Ryan Brock and David Henderson as they revisit the roles of Joey and Denny, two Chicago policemen that have been best friends since kindergarten. The play is inspired by a real-life event involving Jeffrey Dahmer, and that event threatens Joey and Denny's lifelong friendship when it becomes clear someone must bear responsibility for their egregious failure to assess the situation accurately. A STEADY RAIN is a harrowing journey into a moral gray area where trust and loyalty struggle for survival against a sobering backdrop of pimps, prostitutes, and criminal lowlifes. The world is vastly different that is was ten years ago and A STEADY RAIN asks tough questions, and makes audiences uncomfortable with the answers. The show is a very raw look at friendship, violence, and toxic masculinity. We believe it does what great theater should do, challenge its audience. We cannot wait to share this story again!


Small but MIGHTY!

Hot on the heels of A STEADY RAIN will be TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS by Nia Vardalos (based on Cheryl Strayed's bestselling book). We are thrilled to bring this story to Triangle audiences in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the book's publication.

This show is a co-production with our friends at The Justice Theatre Project and will be presented at The Studio Theatre at Theatre Raleigh!

Join us in April as Susannah Hough leads an amazing cast in a story about reaching when you’re stuck, healing when you’re broken, and finding the courage to take on the questions which have no answers.

Trust us, this show packs a wallop!


New work and a generous grant!

We were honored to received a generous grant from the Manbites Dog Theatre Fund! This grant will help us continue our development of Tamarra Kissane and Matthew Hager's new Musical AWAY HOME! Work has not stopped on this piece since we shared it in June and we are working out the specifics of the next presentation of it! The feedback we received in June was appreciated and we are consciously taking time to reflect on the feedback and make the work even stronger. Our plan is to share the show again in June of 2023. Details are still being finalized, but stay tuned!


That was a lot to get out...thanks for hanging with us!

It is important we express how grateful we are for your support! We have had a wonderful 10 years making theatre for some of the best audiences in the country!

Don't forget GivingTuesday on November 29th! We would be so appreciative of any amount you can give!

Our season is exciting...but expensive!

Thank you for sticking with us for the last 10 years! Here's to the next 10!

Drink Deep!

David and Susannah

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